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What an incredible opportunity before you at such an exciting time! The healthcare industry is always growing and they need you!  Upon graduation from our program you can work in Plasma Centers, Blood Banks, Platelet Donation, Dialysis, Physicians Offices, Hospitals, Laboratories, and Paramedical Examination just to name a few! Employers LOVE the graduates of Phlebotomy Training Specialists because of our aggressive hands on approach to training.

Employer feedback lets us know that after 22 years of training we have all but perfected the training process by providing just the right amount of hands on training. We also provide presentations on employment, so that when you graduate you know where to apply to get your dream job.

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There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to attend an incredible school only to find out that your schedule does not line up to train. That is exactly why PTS offers so many class offerings. Day, Evening and Weekend classes across the country assure that you can find just the right time and dates that fit for you.

In addition, the entire program is broken up into 2-hour modules, so if you happen to miss Monday night, the same class will be covered on Tuesday during the day, and if you miss all evenings in a week, the same content is covered on the following Saturday! There is not a school anywhere that offers so much flexibility to your training!

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Financial Aid

PTS is one of the only schools in the United States that will allow you to make payments over time for the class you are attending. Start with a small down payment, which varies by state, and then simply make payments as you go. No need to come up with the entire tuition cost at once. Take your time and enjoy your training with less financial stress!

If you run into trouble, no worries, we will work with you and allow you to make payments over a longer period of time. We will not certify you, or have your National exam graded until you have paid in full. We even have scholarships available in certain states!

Our payment plans vary by state so call 1-888-PHLEBOT or 1-888-745-3268 and our staff will give you details!

HIghly Trained Phlebotomists since February 3rd 1993


About Us

Phlebotomy Training Specialists was founded in 1993 when a need was identified for a formal structured training program where students could learn not only how to draw blood but all the other peripheral activities associated with Phlebotomy. We implement an aggressive hands-on training approach at every PTS location. This hands-on approach to training coupled with the highest exam pass rates and graduation rates in the country ensures our trainees have the right knowledge, training and certification to gain employment.

Phlebotomy Training Specialists is the proven leader in training and certifying phlebotomists across the nation. The style of training and the philosophy of PTS continues to garner national attention with its aggressive hands-on training approach.

With 22 years since inception, and over 100,000 graduates of the program, you can be assured that you are in good hands when receiving training from PTS.

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